Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Any resemblence to persons or pundits living or dead is purely intentional.

When my son Laird and I did the RATMAN comic, Dr. Leopold the mad scientist/bad guy/half-man-half-tiger was visually inspired by TV show host and former candidate for President of South Carolina, Stephen Colbert. 

Now that Colbert has lost that election I wanted to do my part to keep him prominent by reprinting this, my favorite page from the RM comic.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


No story... just a couple of robot sketches. 

Actually, did you know that the term 'robot' comes from a Czechoslovakian play from the early twentieth century?  I'd offer more details but Wikipedia is dark today.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Back in college, one of my intrepid super-8 filmmaking friends, Kirk Mathison and I embarked on filming a western.... in Minnesota.  We shot it at the sand and gravel pits on the southern side of Edina, the suburb where we lived.  It was arid enough in mid-July, with lots of sand and scrub grass but without horses or an old western town the story was about a good guy and a bad guy hunting each other under the unforgiving sun, sans modes of transportation.  The film turned out pretty well, considering, and that was that.

Jump ahead to 1995.  I was working at Warner Bros. in Burbank, CA and one day, during my lunch break I fired up my super-8 camera and shot a bunch of footage (complete with horses!) in the studio's old western town located on their back lot.  Little shots to add production value and scale to Kirk and my homespun western.  One new shot featured the above WANTED poster of Kirk.

The end result is a shining example of irony -- what started as a genre film, shot almost entirely in a Minnepolis suburb, became a visual record of the WB western town... that was ultimately torn down to be replaced by, yes, a faux subruban neighborhood.  

To view the film: 

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Years ago,(as lots of the postings on this blog begin) I gave my brother Jonathan a 4x6' piece of foamcore with a one-of-a-kind comic strip drawn in rapidograph and colored with Pantene markers. 

I pre-drew the panels, all of equal size and started filling them in, making up the story as I drew it, hoping against hope it would wrap up by the end of the panels.  Shown here are some of the panels, featuring the ensemble of characters, including a panel of them filling up the gas tank of their jeep -- padding in the event I came up short.  

As it turned out I didn't -- as shown by the rush to tie everything up in the last few panels of the big board.  This strip still hangs (leans) on prominent display in Jonathan's laundry room.  Funny how much the border marker faded so much over the years.  Grimaces over the typos.