Friday, May 31, 2013


There is a method to the above madness.  Working at FRINGE, I was explaining -- via drawings on my office white board-- to David Wilcox how much Charles Schulz' iconic Snoopy character changed from the sixties to the seventies.  Those two represenations are center and left-of-center.  He said that a TRULY 70's Snoopy would have chest chair and platform shoes -- and David added those.  We agreed that Charlie Brown should be serving up lines of cocaine and that was added.  From that point, over the last couple of months of FRINGE season two, the disco grew around them, including an intro in the upper left hand corner with Lucy and Schroeder and the "morning after" panel at the bottom right.
For FRINGE fans, already drawn on the board, before the Snoopy's were added, were two concept drawings I'd done for the WHITE TULIP episode -- one of the electrical mesh woven into Peter Weller's forearms and one of the metal discs that he inserted into his flesh to enable him to skip through time.  Respectively, the FRINGE sketches are on the left (the forearm became attached to Linus) and on the right... labeled, WHAM-O.
When the series relocated offices from West Hollywood to Santa Monica, the board -- with the drawing intact -- was moved as well, and rehung.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

OH, YOU Ts...

I recently received a comment to the blog saying how a couple of my illios would make excellent T-shirts.  To that I say any enterprising young silkscreener out there should go for it -- just plug the blog if you do.  Coincidentally, scrounging deep in my files, I came across these two designs, expressly drawn to be on T-shirts...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


In every half hour comedy, characters need an all-important community hang-out so that not everything takes place at home or school.  So too was the case with WEIRD SCIENCE.  Tom Spezialy and Al;an Cross, who adapted the movie into a TV series, created such a place in Java Man!  A play on the prehistoric proto-human remains found in, yes, Java crossed with the nickname for coffee resulted in this logo I came up for the place.  This design was used in the show on everything from mugs to aprons to bowling shirts.